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Research purpose No. : MZE 0002703102
Accounting system No. : 3.
Title: Research of Effective Use of Technological Systems for Sustainable Farming and Utilization of Natural Resources in Specific Conditions of Czech Agriculture
Solution period : 2009 - 2013
Responsible solver : Ing. Zdeněk Pastorek, CSc., prof. h. c. up to 30.6.2012
Ing. Marek Světlík, Ph.D. from 1.7. 2012
Objectives : The objective of research purpose is to increase the efficiency of technological systems utilization. These systems are used to the production of agricultural products destined both for food and non- food use, conversion of biomass into various forms of energy and for landscaping. Further objective is a reduction of adverse effects of these systems on agricultural land, landscape, working and living conditions.

By solution of this research purpose will be achieved :
- better utilization of working, material, energy and technical inputs,
- reduction of losses and quality increase of agricultural products,
- optimal relations among technical means, man, animal and environment,
- sustainable farming in landscape,
- development of non-food utilization of agricultural production,
- suitable utilization of agricultural, food and municipal wastes,
- improvement of Czech agriculture competitiveness,
- development of theoretical bases of scientific discipline.

Results of solution will be applied :
- in agricultural practice at the management of agricultural enterprises,
- in consultancy,
- in state administration bodies,
- in vocational education.

In order to accomplish this objective, the solution is divided into 13 subject stages, which correspond to partial objectives of research purpose.
Number and Title of Subject StageSolver
1. Research of rational travel of high-powered agricultural machinery over the land in order to reduce technogenic compaction of soil and increase the water accumulation in soil Prof. Ing. Josef Hůla, CSc.
Ing. Pavel Kovaříček, CSc.
2. Application of new working methods in technological systems of crop production in conditions of agriculture of the Czech Republic Ing. Václav Mayer, CSc. Ing. Jaroslav Skalický, CSc. up to 31.12.2011
3. Research of effect of technological systems destined for livestock breeding on environment and welfare of bred livestock, working conditions of tenders, economy and research of possibilities for elimination of their adverse effects and strengthening of positive influences Doc. Ing. Jiří Vegricht, CSc. Ing. Antonín Machálek, CSc.
4. Optimalization of environmentally friendly methods of processing and conversion of biomass grown in suitable rotation of crops, processing of by-products and bio-waste for production of energy under utilization of digestate for improvement of soil fertility Ing. Jaroslav Kára, CSc.
5. Technological processes in sustainable production and utilization of bio-raw materials and energy carriers of new generation in view of food safety and global markets with related products Ing. Petr Jevič, CSc., prof.h.c.
6. Utilization of physical methods for formation and protection of environment in agrarian sector Ing. Petr Hutla, CSc.
7. Logistics of energy biomass material flows with regard to energy intensity and elimination of adverse effects during the handling with energy biomass Ing. Jiří Souček, PhD.
8. Research of technical, technological, economic and energy conditions of production and non-production systems in agricultural enterprise Ing. Zdeněk Abraham, CSc.
9. Research of environmental measures destined for reduction of adverse effects of agricultural and food production in the sphere of air and surface water protection Doc.Ing. Antonín Jelínek, CSc.
10. Research of adverse anthropogenic effects of technical character on development of landscape elements and ecosystems. Research of application of regardful and stimulative means for development of landscape and plant community in relation to utilization of residual biomass originating from landscape management Ing. Petr Plíva, CSc.
11. Optimalization of phytofuel composition in light of combustion parameters Ing. David Andert, CSc.
12. Research of theoretical prerequisites for enhancement of efficiency at utilization of mobile energy means and reduction of their adverse effect on agricultural land, its vegetal cover and environment and its verification Ing. Zdeněk Pastorek, CSc., prof.h.c. up to 30.6.2012
Ing. Marek Světlík, Ph.D. from 1.7. 2012
Ing. Otakar Syrový, CSc.
13. Development trends of technical and technological base of agriculture, coordination of research purpose solution inclusive of supportive activity Ing. Zdeněk Pastorek, CSc., prof.h.c. up to 30.6.2012
Ing. Marek Světlík, Ph.D. from 1.7.2012