International Fair TECHAGRO Brno  

We presented our results at the International Fair of Agricultural Technology TECHAGRO 2018

 Conference CEE AgEng  

10-th International Scientific Conference of Central and Eastern European Institutes of Agricultural Engineering - CEE AgEng took place 13.-15.9.2017 in Prague. The Director of the Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering, p.r.i. was charged with management of this platform.

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Supervisory Board

Chairman:Ing. Pavel Veselý (MZe)
Vice-chairman:Mgr. Marek Tomaštík, Ph.D. (UTB Zlín)
Other members:doc. Ing. Vlastimil Altmann, Ph.D.(ČZU)
Ing. Ondřej Sirko (MZe)
Ing. Kamil Bílek (MZe)

Board of Institution

Chairman:Ing. Petra Zabloudilová, Ph.D. (VÚZT, v. v. i.)
Vice-chairman:Ing. Antonín Machálek, CSc. (VÚZT, v. v. i.)
Other members:Ing. David Andert, CSc.
Ing. Marek Kadeřábek, Ph.D.
Mgr. Jan Lipavský, CSc.

The first scientific on-line journal dealing with issues of agricultural technology.

List of tested biotechnological preparations destined for reduction of ammonia emissions and decrease of odour, which are applied into feed, supply, on deep bedding, on grates and disposal sites of excrements, farmyard manure or slurry.

Database overview of technical parameters almost 1000 agricultural machines

Research and assessment of interactions in system man - animal - robot in dairy cow breeding aimed at improvement of system effectiveness and welfare of dairy cows.

Terminological explanatory dictionary contains 25000 expressions structured into 11 sections.