Membership in International Organizations

 The representatives of Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering (RIAE, p.r.i.) are members of the following organizations:

  • EuropeanAssociation for Potato Research (EAPR)
  • European Society for Soil Conservation (ESSC)
  • International Soil and Tillage Research Organization (ISTRO)

RIAE, p.r.i. is an active member of the ENGAGE (Association of European Institutes of Agricultural Engineering). This association is included in EurAgEng as a regional association of agricultural graduates for Europe within the CIGR. Our institute is also a member of the Association of Agricultural Engineering Institutes of Central and Eastern Europe (CEEAgEng).

 A representative of the institute (ing. M. Dědina, Ph.D.) is a member of two working groups: Technical Working Group for Intensive Livestock Farming (IPPC sphere) – Czech representative for the branch of agriculture under the gestion of the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic and the Technical Working Group for Ammonia Abatement in the frame of UNC (ensuring the application and principles of the Göteborg Protocol – CLTRP – IPPC sphere) – Czech representative for the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic under the gestion of the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic.  


Agreements on Cooperation

 There were two agreements on cooperation concluded with partners from the Slovak Republic:

 Faculty of Mechanization of Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

 The content of the cooperation is common measuring work in sheep breeding with the aim to consider the technical parameters of stables and breeder conditions in a selected agriculture cooperative, measurement of air conditional parameters of a pigsty and examination of technical possibilities of sheep breeding stables for the measurement of emissions. A measuring device was installed for the long-term monitoring of microclimatic parameters in pigsties and the data collection was launched.  

 Agrovaria Export-Import, limited liability company, Štúrovo

 Direct cooperation in the sphere of applied research, mainly in the processing of biologically degradable waste and reduction of ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture.

 The content of the cooperation is:

 – securing of experiments carried out during the separation of pig and cattle slurry;

– realization of experiments relating to the dosage of biotechnological preparations into the liquid fertilizers or feed water in the process of biologically degradable waste composting;

– organization of joint scientific workshops dealing with the problems of agriculture and the environment.

 For joint experiments, AGROVARIA lends its own technological equipment and RIAE, p.r.i. Prague the measuring device. The outcomes are presented jointly. As a result of the mutual cooperation, after operational experience with the separator, a constructional modification of the separator was implemented.  


Agreements on Scientific and Technical Cooperation

 Agreement on direct scientific and technical cooperation between VIESCH Moscow (All-Russian Research Institute for Electrification of Agriculture) and RIAE, p.r.i. Prague in the sphere of agricultural energy.

In accordance with the contract between RIAE, p.r.i. Prague and the Educational and Research Technical Institute, National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine in Kiev, the work was focused on energy-saving technologies, bioconversion and alternative energetics.   

Other agreements on cooperation have been concluded with Moldova, which is one of eight countries preferred by the Czech Republic for the provision of foreign assistance.

 The memorandum was signed between RIAE, p.r.i. Prague (together with the Crop Production Institute, p.r.i. and Institute of Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture of the Czech University of Agriculture, Prague) and State University of Agriculture in Kíšiněv, Moldova. Another memorandum with the Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture in Kišiněv is related to the technical assistance in the spheres of research and research projects, consultancy, possibilities of short-term stays (according to the state of financial means as well as long-term ones), Ph.D. graduate stays with participation in the resolution of research projects, the exchange of published materials, preparation of joint international projects, etc.       

 A future cooperation agreement was concluded with the North-West Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture (SZNIIMESH) in Saint Petersburg.


Multilateral Cooperation

 Cooperation in connection with the solution of the ALTENER XVII/4.1030/Z/99-386 project:

 Biodiesel Courier International – A Union-Wide News Network:

 Mr. Werner Körbitz, Chairman of the Austrian Biofuels Institute (ABI), Vienna – Austria -Editor

Mr. Dieter Bockey, Assistant Director of Union zur Förderung von Öl und Proteinpflanzen (UFOP), initially Bonn, later Berlin, Germany

 Mr. Peter Clery, Chairman of the British Association for Biofuels and Oils (BABFO), Spalding, United Kingdom

 Mr. Petr Jevič, Task Leader of Biodiesel, Research Institute for Agricultural Engineering, p.r.i., Prague, Czech Republic.


All agreements on cooperation have been approved by the Council of Institution.