Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering, p. r. i.

(public research institution established according to the Act No. 341/2005 Coll.)

Drnovská 507
161 01 Prague 6

phone: +420 233 022 111
data box ID: ce9zxhf

Ing. Josef Šimon, Ph.D.
tel.: 233 022 274

Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
Těšnov 17
117 05 Prague 1

Research activities:

  • technological systems for productive agriculture
  • energy and logistics of technological systems and biomass utilization for non-food purposes
  • agricultural technological systems economy
  • agricultural technological systems ecology
  • gas fuels and energy consumption normative for production of agricultural products and creation of their database

Activities carried out for the Ministry of Agriculture and other state authorities:

  • expert and conception activity in the field of agricultural technologies, technique and construction and in the field of technical and technological patents as well
  • preparation and review of legislative standards from branch in particular from the point of view of EU standards compatibility
  • extension service and consultancy centres in the frame of agricultural advisory services of the Czech Ministry of Agriculture
  • extension service and consultancy in the field of IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention Control)
  • professional report treatment
  • expert review and evaluation

Other activities:

  • transfer of scientific knowledge
  • extension service and consultancy in the field of agricultural technologies, technique and construction
  • extension service and consultancy center on energy
  • international cooperation in the field of agricultural technology development; contacts with institution abroad, conference and workshops organizing
  • organizing of technical courses, training, field days and other educational events incl. lectureship
  • educational and training activity
  • education of professional scientific workers
  • expert opinion treatment
  • preparation and elaboration of individual technical and investment proposals for agricultural enterprises
  • enterprise business plan working out
  • standardization activity