Research Projects in Progress

SS05010243 - Research on the combination of vegetative strips with vertical agrivoltaic systems as part of agri-environmental-climate measures supporting biodiversity. David Hájek. 2022-2024

QK21010151 - Obtaining vegetable oils using modern methods. Jiří Souček. 2021-2024.

QK21020121 - Determination and balance of specific greenhouse gases emissions originate from growing and post-harvest processing of agricultural crops. Martin Dědina. 2021-2023

EG20_321/0024949 - Alternative use of waste from viscose yarn production. Daniel Vejchar. 2021-2023.

EG20_321/0024372 - Alternative feedstock for biomethane production. Jiří Bradna. 2021-2023.

SS01020263 - Improvement water retention in dry areas of the Czech Republic with the aim of supporting the planting landscaping trees on anthropogenic soils. Petr Hutla. 2021-2023.

EG19_262/0020183 - Compact energy unit based on rapid thermal decomposition of organic materials. Petr Hutla. 2020-2024.


New Research Projects in 2023

QK23020011 - Development of strategies to reduce greenhouse gases and ammonia emissions from livestock in the Czech Republic. Miroslav Češpiva. 2023-2025.

QK23020107 - Research of new growing methods of fruit species in the combined use of agricultural land with the production and local use of electricity from renewable sources. David Hájek. 2023-2025.

FW06010426 - Advanced hot-water boiler technology for burning residual forest dendromass. David Andert. 2023-2025. 

FW06010647 - Development and production of robotic weeding equipment with intelligent weed recognition according to the principles of Industry 4.0. Jiří Bradna. 2023-2026. 

TK05020147 - Heat storage technology based on PCM Glauber salt. Jiří Bradna. 2023-2025.


Projects of Long-Term Conceptional Development

Technologies for precision, conventional and ecological agriculture in crop production and related fields.

Research of considerate and smart technologies for livestock production with an emphasis on welfare, energy saving, environmental protection, automation and long-term sustainability.

Research of advanced renewable energy sources with respect to carbon farming, bioeconomy and circular economy.

Increasing the quality of agricultural products, post-harvest treatments and storage methods with respect to environmental and energy requirements.

New methods and techniques of using materials based on biological materials, RES.

New procedures, technologies and logistics for the use of biological waste, secondary and residual raw materials in agriculture and industry.


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