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Ing. Martin Dědina, Ph.D.

Phone: 233 022 456
Mobil: 731 615 039
Office: RND 219

Current Projects

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QK21020121 Determination and balance of specific greenhouse gases emissions originate from growing and post-harvest processing of agricultural crops 2021-2023 
TK02010056 2019-2023 

Publications and results

Utilisation of the Global Nitrous Oxide Calculator for revision of nitrous oxide field emission occurring within rape cultivation
Dědina, Martin:Jevič, Petr:Šedivá, Zdeňka:Čermák, Pavel
Description of NUTS 2 (NUTS 3) in terms of specific production emissions and carbon footprint of cultivated crops
Čermák, P.:Klír, J.:Dědina, Martin:Jevič, Petr:Abrham, Zdeněk:Šedivá, Zdeňka
Nitrogen balancing in agriculture
Dědina, Martin:Klír, J.:Wollnerová, J.:Beranová, J.
Verification of the new raw material composition of compost
Plíva, Petr:Dědina, Martin
The National Code of Good Agricultural Practice for the Reduction of Ammonia Emissions in the Czech Republic
Dědina, Martin
Czech Report on Emission Inventory in 2020. Emission inventory from the base year of the Convention until 2018
Dvořáková, Ilona:Dvořan, Václav:Hnilicová, Helena:Machálek, Pavel:Šmejdířová, Jana:Dědina, Martin:Dufek, Jiří:Geiplová, Hana:Neužil, Vladimír:Pelikán, Leoš:Beláková, Kateřina
Quality of reported data improvement – methodology for specification of emissions occurring in agricultural activities
Dědina, Martin
Research into the possibility of processing degradable waste coming from the operation of the canteen and youth home of the Secondary School of Agriculture and Higher Vocational School Chrudim
Dědina, Martin:Plíva, Petr:Vlášková, Marcela
Composting of the biodegradable municipal waste (BDMW) in practice
Plíva, Petr:Dědina, Martin
The Lobau composting plant handles Vienna's organic waste
Plíva, Petr:Dědina, Martin:Křížová, Olga
Czech informative inventory report 2019. Emission inventories from the base year of the protocols to year 2017
Beláková, Kateřina:Dvořáková, Ilona:Dvořan, Václav:Hnilicová, Helena:Machálek, Pavel:Šmejdířová, Jana:Dědina, Martin:Dufek, Jiří:Geiplová, Hana:Modlík, Miloslav:Neužil, Vladimír:Pelikán, Leoš
The 15. International conference Biodegradable wastes Náměšť nad Oslavou
Hejátková, Květa:Křížová, Olga:Schellová, Jitka:Plíva, Petr:Dědina, Martin:Vlášková, Marcela
Utilization of vermicomposting for the Greengood substrate treatment
Dědina, Martin:Plíva, Petr:Hanč, Aleš:Karasová, Milada:Roy, Amitava
Composting plants on the web site
Plíva, Petr:Dědina, Martin
Changes of chemical and biological parameters, with an emphasis on pathogens, during vermicomposting of food waste
Roy, Amitava:Plíva, Petr:Dědina, Martin:Částková, Tereza:Hanč, Aleš
ČSN 46 5736 Vermicomposts
Plíva, Petr:Mezuliánik, Miroslav:Dědina, Martin:Vlášková, Marcela
Czech informative inventory report 2018
Dvořáková, Ilona:Dvořan, Václav:Hnilicová, Helena:Machálek, Pavel:Modlík, Miloslav:Nevečeřal, Rostislav:Dědina, Martin:Geiplová, Hana:Neužil, Vladimír:Pelikán, Leoš
Application of compost with different proprieties into soil according to soil quality
Plíva, Petr:Souček, Jiří:Dědina, Martin:Dubský, Martin:Sucharová, Julie:Holá, Marie:Pilný, Rostislav
Agroecology, production and application of custom made composts
Dědina, Martin:Plíva, Petr
Finding of registered compost amount produced in compost plants in the Czech Republic and placed on agricultural soil
Plíva, Petr:Mezuliáník, Miloslav:Vlášková, Marcela:Dědina, Martin
The Use of UHPLC-ESI/MS/MS Method for the Determination of Stilbene Type Polyphenols
Pšeničnaja, Olga:Kotíková, Zora:Hejtmánková, Alena:Lachman, Jaromír:Pivec, Vladimír:Střalková, Radomíra:Dědina, Martin
Technological process of transformation of residual biomass, in particular by-products from combustion and biogas production by composting
Plíva, Petr:Dědina, Martin:Souček, Jiří:Dubský, Martin:Sucharová, Julie:Holá, Marie:Pilný, Rostislav
Technological process of transformation of residual biomass, in particular by-products from combustion and biogas production by composting
Plíva, Petr:Dubský, Martin:Pilný, Rostislav:Dědina, Martin:Sucharová, Julie:Holá, Marie:Vlášková, Marcela
A modular composter
Plíva, Petr:Dědina, Martin:Schmidt, Stanislav
Spreaders in agricultural transport
Souček, Jiří:Pražan, Radek:Plíva, Petr:Roy, Amitava:Dědina, Martin:Dubský, Martin:Pilný, Rostislav
The methodical directive for categorization of farms for livestock breeding according to the Law no. 201/2012 on the air protection
Dědina, Martin:Krsová, Magdalena
Ammonia emissions measurement after application and incorporation of manure into soil
Dědina, Martin:Češpiva, Miroslav:Petráčková, Barbora:Zabloudilová, Petra
Czech Informative Inventory Report 2017
Dědina, Martin:Dvořáková, Ilona:Dvořan, Václav:Machálek, Pavel:Modlík, Miloslav:Geiplová, Hana:Neužil, Vladimír:Pelikán, Leoš
Agricultural machinery, bioenergetics and ecology for sustainable and prosperous agriculture
Machálek, Antonín:Jevič, Petr:Dědina, Martin:Souček, Jiří
Dědina, Martin:Plíva, Petr:Jelínek, Antonín
Determining the Share of Low-Emission Applications of Fertilizers
Dědina, Martin:Růžek, Pavel
Resveratrol and piceid isomers concentrations in grapevine shoots, leaves, and tendrils
Lachman, Jaromír:Kotíková, Zora:Hejtmánková, Alena:Pivec, Vladimír:Pšeničnaja, Olga:Šulc, Miloslav:Střalková, Radomíra:Dědina, Martin
Verification of Emission Factors at Reference Breedings of In-Farrow and Suckling Sows
Češpiva, Miroslav:Zabloudilová, Petra:Dědina, Martin:Jelínek, Antonín
Use of waste heat for drying agricultural and bioenergetic products
Souček, Jiří:Jevič, Petr:Dědina, Martin:Plíva, Petr
Dědina, Martin:Plíva, Petr:Jelínek, Antonín
Methodology for Measuring the Emissions of Ammonia from Application of Mineral Fertilizers
Dědina, Martin:Růžek, Pavel:Kusá, Helena
Evaluation of oil content and fatty acid composition in the seed of grapevine varieties
Lachman, Jaromír:Hejtmánková, Alena:Táborský, Jan:Kotíková, Zora:Pivec, Vladimír:Střalková, Radomíra:Vollmannová, Alena:Bojňanská, Tatiana:Dědina, Martin
Agricultural policy and current and future measures related to environmental protection
Budňáková, Michaela: Dědina, Martin
Technology for grape pomace processing by vermicomposting
Plíva, Petr: Roy, Amitava: Dědina, Martin: Filip, Petr: Filip, Jakub
The study of biologically active compounds in grapevine seeds and annual shoots and possibilities obtaining oil from the seeds
Burg, Patrik: Dědina, Martin: Hejtmánková, Alena: Hejtmánková, Kateřina: Jelínek, Antonín: Lachman, Jaromír: Lipavský, Jan: Mašán, Vladimír: Pivec, Vladimír: Skala, Ondřej: Střalková, Radomíra: Táborský, Jan: Zemánek, Pavel
Stability of grape seed oil and its antioxidant tocotrienols
Lachman, Jaromír:Hejtmánková, Alena:Kotíková, Zora:Dědina, Martin:Střalková, Radomíra:Hönig, Vladimír
Benefits of emission notice. (Project TAČR)
Machálek, Pavel: Hnilicová, Helena: Dvořáková, Ilona: Nevečeřal, Rostislav: Modlík, Miloslav: Haboňová, Jitka: Neužil, Vladimír: Patočka, Zdeněk: Dědina, Martin
Options for Ammonia mitigation: Guidance from the UNECE Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen
Bittman, S.: Dědina, Martin: Howard, C. M.: Oenema, O.: Sutton, M. A.
Ammonia emissions in the Czech Republic
Dědina, Martin: Budňáková, Michaela: Čermák, Pavel
Towards complex utilisation of winemaking residues: Characterisation of grape seeds by total phenols, tocols and essential elements content as a by-product of winemaking
Dědina, Martin: Lachman, Jaromír: Hejtmánková, Alena: Hejtmánková, Kateřina: Pivec, Vladimír: Skala, Ondřej: Přibyl, Jaroslav
Separation of grape seeds from grape pomace
Burg, Patrik: Zemánek, Pavel: Dědina, Martin: Jelínek, Antonín: Skala, Ondřej
Pressing of grape seed oil
Dědina, Martin: Skala, Ondřej: Hejtmánková, Alena: Lachman, Jaromír
Evaluation study for Best Available Techniques (BAT) at facilities in category of industrial activity pursuant to the Act on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC)
Dědina, Martin: Jelínek, Antonín: Abrham, Zdeněk: Mašátová, Romana
Determination of Basic Production Emissions of Load Gases from Livestock Breedings
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Reconstruction of Stabling and Saving of Costs
Dědina, Martin
Air Washers ad Their Effect on Emissions
Dědina, Martin
Two-stage vibratory separator
Dědina, Martin: Burg, Patrik: Čejka, Zdeněk: Zemánek, Pavel: Jelínek, Antonín
Process for producing plastic litter, apparatus for making the same and plastic litter
Jelínek, Antonín: Plíva, Petr: Dědina, Martin
Laboratory fermenter
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin: Pecen, Josef
Verification of Valid Emissions Factors in Livestock Breeding
Švenková, J.: Matejková, E.: Dědina, Martin
The reduction of ammonia and greenhouse gases emissions in stables of animal breeding
Dědina, Martin: Švenková., Jana.
Jelínek, Antonín: Plíva, Petr: Dědina, Martin
Dust and odour emissions values in the stables of finishing pigs
Dědina, Martin: Jelínek, Antonín: Dolejš, Jan
Utilisation of biotechnological agents within the process of cattle slurry separate preparation as a plastic bedding
Jelínek, Antonín: Plíva, Petr: Dědina, Martin
Rational assessment of livestock slurry separate from livestock breeding.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Research of feed additives utilization for ammonia and greenhouse gases emissions abatement in poultry breeding.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin: Kraus, Ronald
Biotechnological agents utilisation for organic pollution reduction of wastewater in installation for vegetable and fruit processing
Dědina, Martin: Tomanová, D.: Gjurov, V.
Technology for separated slurry.
Jelínek, Antonín: Kraus, Ronald: Dědina, Martin
Determination of fundamental noise parameters in the neighborhood of intensive pigs breeding
Dědina, Martin: Peterka, A.: Šístková, M.
The reduction of the environmental impact of the ammonia emissions and the greenhouse gases emissions from agriculture activities.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin: Kraus, Ronald: Češpiva, Miroslav
Ammonia and greenhouse gases emissions abatement in the livestock breeding by using biotechnological additives.
Dědina, Martin: Jelínek, Antonín: Kraus, Ronald
Research of Feed and Manure Additives Utilization for Ammonia and Greenhouse Gases Emissions Abatement in Livestock Breeding.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin: Dolejš, J.
Research of biotechnological agents utilization for ammonia and greenhouse gases emissions reduction in livestock breeding in the Czech Republic.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin: Kraus, Ronald
The end of large breeding systems is approaching
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Plastic bedding and facility for its production
Jelínek, Antonín: Plíva, Petr: Dědina, Martin
Verified technological line for the production of plastic bedding for cattle
Jelínek, Antonín: Plíva, Petr: Dědina, Martin: Zelenka, J.: Kraus, Ronald
Economical evaluation of biotechnological agents utilization exploited for ammonia emissions and greenhouse gases (GHG) reduction in livestock breeding.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin: Kraus, Ronald
Good agriculture practice from IPPC point of view in the large livestock breeding installation
Dědina, Martin
The law on the integrated prevention in the poultry breeding
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Assessment of noise emissions in the agricultural installations
Dědina, Martin: Češpiva, Miroslav: Plíva, Petr
Assesment of the noise emissions in the industrial and agricultural installations within the law concerning integrated prevention.
Dědina, Martin: Jelínek, Antonín: Češpiva, Miroslav
Utilization of biotechnical preparation for lowering of ammonia emissions in breedings of farm animals
Jelínek, Antonín: Dolejš, Jan: Mareček, Jan: Kollárová, Mária: Češpiva, Miroslav: Pecen, Josef: Dědina, Martin
Reduction of ammonia concentration in stables of intensive farm animals breeding using biotechnological agents
Dolejš, Jan: Dědina, Martin: Jelínek, Antonín: Češpiva, Miroslav: Pecen, Josef: Mareček, Jan
Problems of greenhouse gas emission, ammonia and smell during processing BRO composting.
Dědina, Martin: Dolejš, Jan: Pecen, Josef: Jelínek, Antonín: Mareček, Jan
Experiences with implementation of the law concerning the integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) and code of good agriculture practice in the Czech republic xutilization of these experiences under Slovak conditions.
Dědina, Martin: Jelínek, Antonín
Exhaust xemission control of greenhouse effect gases by composting of biologically decomposable waste in horticulture through biotechnology preparation and biofilter.
Dědina, Martin: Jelínek, Antonín
Methodical guard of sustained grassland maintenance in the range of landscape ecological stability
Dědina, Martin: Plíva, Petr: Jelínek, Antonín: Kollárová, Mária
Implementation the Council Directive 96/61/EC (IPPC) to agricultural in European states.
Plíva, Petr: Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Correct agricultural practice from view of the Act on air protection, integrated prevention and integrated pollution register
Jelínek, Antonín: DĚDINA, Martin
Research of biological agents effects on reduction of ammonia concentration in stables of intensive farm animals breeding.
Jelínek, Antonín: Plíva, Petr: Dědina, Martin: Souček, Jiří
Handbook on application form completion for integrated permission of agricultural devices operations in intensive poultry and pigs keeping presented in appendix 1 to the Act. No. 76/2002 on integrated prevention.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Practical experiments with application form preparation for integrated permission of operations for intensive breeding of livestock and procedure of integrated permission.
Jelínek, Antonín: DĚDINA, Martin: Plíva, Petr
Verification of precise portioning possibility of bio-technical agent in intensive livestock breeding for internal stable climate improvement
Jelínek, Antonín: DĚDINA, Martin: ČEŠPIVA, Miroslav: Plíva, Petr
Utilisation of enzymatic agents for ammonia concentration abatement.
Jelínek, Antonín: Plíva, Petr: Dědina, Martin
Request for drawing of operation integrated permission in intensive pigs and poultry keeping - 2 nd part.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Request for drawing of operation integrated permission in intensive pigs and poultry keeping - 1 st part.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Law on integrated prevention (IPPC) will also effect resort of agriculture.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Law on integrated prevention (IPPC) will also effect resort of agriculture.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Investigation of technologies for ammonia emissions reduction as basis for technology BAT utilised in livestock husbandry.
Jelínek, Antonín: Pastorek, Zdeněk: Dědina, Martin: Andrt, Miroslav
Problems of ammonia emissions and other burden gases measuring from livestock bedding in fermentors.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin: Plíva, Petr: Souček, Jiří: Andrt, Miroslav
Waste from agricultural mechanisation and car wracks.
Dědina, Martin
Implementation of the Council directive 96/61/EC (IPPC) into pigs keeping.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Impacts of integrated prevention law on agricultural primary production subjects.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Agriculture and air integrated protection.
Jelínek, Antonín: Plíva, Petr: Dědina, Martin
Linkage of law on IPPC and air protection from agricultural aspects
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Negative impacts of greenhouse gases and ammonia on the environment.
Dědina, Martin
Agricultural mechanisation and technologies in relation to the state environmental policy.
Jelínek, Antonín: Dědina, Martin
Further use of cars and agricultural machinery wrecks.
Dědina, Milan
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