Chairmanship of CEE AgEng  

The Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering, p.r.i. was tasked by the Commission of 9th International Scientific Conference of Central and Eastern European Institutes of Agricultural Engineering (CEE AgEng), which was held on August 26-27, 2015 in St. Petersburg, with management of activities of this scientific platform until the jubilee 10th conference, which will take place in Prague in 2017. The Director of the Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering, p.r.i. was charged with management of this platform. The date of this conference, its programme and relevant information will be published on this website

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Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering, p.r.i.

(public research institution established according to the Act No. 341/2005 Coll.)

Research activities:

  • technological systems for productive agriculture

  • energy and logistics of technological systems and biomass utilization for non-food purposes

  • agricultural technological systems economy

  • agricultural technological systems ecology

  • gas fuels and energy consumption normative for production of agricultural products and creation of their database

Activities carried out for the Ministry of Agriculture and other state authorities:

  • expert and conception activity in the field of agricultural technologies, technique and construction and in the field of technical and technological patents as well

  • preparation and review of legislative standards from branch in particular from the point of view of EU standards compatibility

  • extension service and consultancy centres in the frame of agricultural advisory services of the Czech Ministry of Agriculture

  • extension service and consultancy in the field of IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention Control)

  • professional report treatment

  • expert review and evaluation

Other activities:

  • transfer of scientific knowledge

  • extension service and consultancy in the field of agricultural technologies, technique and construction

  • extension service and consultancy center on energy

  • international cooperation in the field of agricultural technology development; contacts with institution abroad, conference and workshops organizing

  • organizing of technical courses, training, field days and other educational events incl. lectureship

  • educational and training activity

  • education of professional scientific workers

  • expert opinion treatment

  • preparation and elaboration of individual technical and investment proposals for agricultural enterprises

  • enterprise business plan working out

  • standardization activity


The first scientific on-line journal dealing with issues of agricultural technology.

List of tested biotechnological preparations destined for reduction of ammonia emissions and decrease of odour, which are applied into feed, supply, on deep bedding, on grates and disposal sites of excrements, farmyard manure or slurry.

Database overview of technical parameters almost 1000 agricultural machines

Research and assessment of interactions in system man - animal - robot in dairy cow breeding aimed at improvement of system effectiveness and welfare of dairy cows.

Terminological explanatory dictionary contains 25000 expressions structured into 11 sections.